PPP Automation Origination

On December 21, 2020, Congress passed a COVID-19 Relief Bill.
This stimulus package includes a simplified one-page forgiveness form for current PPP loans under $150,000 AND provides a second round of PPP loans for certain industries and qualified businesses. The SBA will release more details in early/mid January.
If you have received an application link to complete a loan forgiveness application with a loan amount of $150,000 or less through our portal, please do NOT submit your application until you receive another email with the updated application link (likely mid-January).

PPP Origination and Forgiveness Automation For Community Banks

Community Banks used ApplyforPPP.com to accept over $500,000,000 in PPP 1 Loans and processed thousands of forgiveness applications using our forgiveness automation portal. Our cloud-based portal connects directly to the SBA Forgiveness Platform and E-TRAN via API, and has enabled lenders to assist thousands of small businesses across America.

Forgiveness Simplified

Not only were we one of the only companies to automate the first round of PPP loans, we created the first smart, user-friendly web-based forgiveness application creator and allowed over 5,000 small business owners to use this tool for FREE!

Example of completed forgiveness application

Our website emails you a completed loan forgiveness application (Full, EZ or S), which you can forward to your lender.
applications created on our system
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Bank Level Security

Working with lenders for a decade has allowed us to build the processes, policies, and secure technical architecture that is required to keep your borrower's data safe.

Our portal provides features to help our clients comply with data security laws as well as ADA compliance laws.

We respect each borrower's privacy. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information on what information we store - just know, we will never share or sell your information.

About us

Reliant Business Valuation, the leading tech-enabled business valuation and equipment appraisal firm founded in 2010 that serves over 150 SBA lenders around the nation, has invested heavily in digital technology and automation over the past few years. This allowed us to swiftly pivot part of our technology to simplify and automate the PPP loan process, enabling us to further assist our SBA lender clients during this constantly evolving program. Through a web-based digital platform, borrowers fill out their PPP (loan or forgiveness) web-application and securely upload of supporting documentation. PPP lenders have access to a secure portal, which organizes all of their borrowers' applications, facilitates a good-faith review, and automates the document creation and e-signature process.

Through this difficult time, Reliant Business Valuation continues its mission to build a premier company to guide entrepreneurs who drive our economy.